Bet on Betgames

Betway betgames are lottery-style casino game that incorporates live-streamed draws with traditional online betting. The result is an immersive betting experience that features new draws every few minutes 24/7.

We offer nine betgames titles each offering a unique set of betting options that allow you to bet on almost every aspect of each draw. In addition to the more traditional lottery games, we also offer variants of casino classic including poker and baccarat.

How to bet on betgames

Place your first bet on betgames at Betway in minutes. Simply follow our simple four-step guide below to get started. You can place your betgames bet from your desktop, laptop or from your mobile device using the Betway App.

Place a betgames bet:

  • Log into your account
  • Visit the betgames tab and select your preferred bet
  • Select your preferred bet and your betslip will be updated automatically
  • Complete your betslip by entering the amount you wish to bet and click bet now

Find out more about placing your first bet at Betway on our how to page.

Popular betgames

Bet on Poker – A variant of the popular poker game Texas Hold ‘em, Bet on Poker gives you the chance to bet on one of six hands. You can’t place a bet on your preferred hand at all but the last of the traditional Texas Hold ‘em betting points: before the flop, after the flop and after the turn. In addition to bets on specific hands, you can also bet on Combinations which require you to bet on which type of poker hand (two pair, flush, four of a kind etc.) will win.

Lucky 5, 6 and 7 – A selection of classic lottery-style games. The games require you to bet on a draw of a set number of numbered coloured balls. The digit following “Lucky” indicates how many balls are drawn for that particular game. For instance, during a round of Lucky 7, seven numbered coloured balls are draw. Lucky betgames have a wide selection of betting types. You can bet on the numbers like a traditional lottery game and you can bet on totals, odds/evens, colours and more.

Wheel – Based on the classic lottery wheel, the Wheel betgame allows you to bet on a live spin of the Betway Wheel. Betting options for Wheel spins include betting on the number or colour the wheel will stop on. You can also bet on whether the number will even or odd and a combination of even or odd numbers and the colour it will land on

Dice Duel – Bet on a roll of a pair of dice, one blue and one red. Dice Duel requires you to, at its most basic, predict which dice will have the higher value. In addition to this basic, blue, red or draw bet, you can also bet on totals and odd/even.

Prefer to bet on sports? View our range of exciting sports betting options. We offer odds on the biggest sporting events from around the world including soccer, rugby, basketball and more. Plus, once the final whistle has gone, you can keep betting with our Virtual sports. Virtual games are be played 24/7 ensuring there is always sports for you to bet on.

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